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Focus on 4 scientific areas

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An innovative partnership of 5 top scientific institutions for the creation of a Central Technology Transfer Hub, which constitutes one of the largest integrated ecosystems for the exploitation of scientific research in Europe.

Innovation to Society

"SCIENCE AGORA connects research and science with the real economy
and the entrepreneurial ecosystem" 

Intellectual Property Management

Support and guidance during all stages of protecting and managing intellectual property.

Business Acceleration

A comprehensive support program for the commercial exploitation of research results (research teams, spin-offs)...

Education & Skills Development

Thematic seminars and conferences, workshops, bootcamps on innovation and business strategy topics, etc.

Networking & Financing

Supporting business schemes and research teams in the form of networking and granting financing...

Who it is addressed to

Through its services, SCIENCE AGORA targets a wide range of beneficiaries both within the scientific/academic field and within the market.

Academic & research community

Scientists with a strong technological and not only background who are interested in developing innovative services and models using cutting-edge technologies

Business teams & Startups

Support for innovative services and products that provide solutions to significant challenges and find application in the country's major sectors.

Companies in Greece and abroad

Support for improving the services / products provided to clients, partners and suppliers through the use of innovative technologies.

Investors, VCs, business angels

Matchmaking between investors seeking to invest in start-ups or research teams that are in the stage of acquiring funding.

How can we help you

An innovative idea arises as an answer/solution to a market gap that has not previously been covered by any other product, service, or technology. An idea can be considered innovative either globally, or even on a national or local level. An innovative idea transforms the way people think and, therefore, changes the way the entire market operates. In most cases, an innovative idea eventually enters the market, but this is a process that requires numerous individual steps.

No, we do not address only companies. The goal of Science Agora is to provide specialized and personalized services according to the needs of the beneficiaries, ranging from individual researchers, research and business teams, start-ups, to companies seeking to incorporate innovation into their services, and others.

Science Agora aims to contribute to the connection of industry with research and innovation. By reaching out to Science Agora and communicating their needs, industry representatives can network and gain access to innovative technologies and methods that will upgrade their services. One of the actions of the hub that enhances this goal is the organization of "Proof of Concept" programs in vertical sectors with the active participation of companies.

Science Agora offers a comprehensive educational program on intellectual property protection as well as a wide network of experts in the field of research, entrepreneurship, and intellectual property protection. 

Through the process of market research and continuous business validation, you can identify exactly who your ideal customer is and evaluate whether the solution you offer meets a real need. Specifically, Science Agora, with its experienced and trained team, can support you by providing you with the right tools, education, and guidance to achieve this.


Collaboration with Google as part of the first "Proof of Concept" Program

Science Agora collaborates with Google as part of the first Proof of Concept program with the aim of supporting innovative Greek entrepreneurship. The collaboration involves the implementation of a business acceleration program targeting teams that will propose and implement pioneering ideas for the environment and energy.

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