The 2nd phase of the "Proof of Concept" program was completed with the presentation of the teams' business ideas


The 2nd phase of the "Proof of Concept" program was completed with the presentation of the teams' business ideas

January 11, 2023

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The 2nd phase of the "Proof of Concept" program, which is being implemented as part of the activities of the Science Agora Technology Transfer Hub, has concluded with the presentations of the business ideas of the 19 participating teams.

More specifically, in order to be selected for the next phase, these teams presented their business proposals to the Evaluation Committee. This committee, comprised of corporate executives with extensive experience primarily in the fields of environment and energy, was formed with the aim of evaluating the teams.

The five teams that were selected will be funded for the implementation of their pilot programs with the support of Google.

Throughout the duration of the second phase, the teams were supported by Science Agora with coaching and guidance for the development of their business ideas like:

This included three training seminars on basic topics for the development of a business idea and a "Matchmaking & Networking Event" was organized with the participation of 25 companies.

A few words about the pilots of the 5 teams that were selected:

SciDrones: The goal is to improve the current process of monitoring medium and high voltage networks. SciDrones will use data collected from UAVs to map the networks and create all necessary geoinformatics that will depict the network conditions and any potential malfunctions.

FRESQO: The FRESQO Monitoring Tool is a portable platform that provides accurate information about the freshness of marine species (fish and shellfish) in real-time without direct contact with the sample. This capability is provided by introducing cutting-edge technologies, specifically Hyperspectral Imaging (MSI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and by leveraging a continuously expanding repository in real time.

Run4More: Run4More is the first free app in Greece designed to let the user record their daily physical activity and be rewarded with points, which they can redeem at affiliated businesses, earning gift certificates and offers.

Freshit: Guided by the value chain of the peach, FreshiT proposes the application of gentle, sustainable treatments under the prism of the circular economy aiming at the development of minimally processed peach products with high nutritional content, excellent organoleptic characteristics, minimum sugar content and improved shelf life.

SILDI: SILDI's goal is to develop a device that determines the sludge density index (SDI), an important water quality parameter, in real-time and in situ in water treatment processes, such as reverse osmosis units, to avoid membrane pollution and operational malfunctions, with minimal operator intervention.

You can contact the organizing committee at email [email protected].

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