Business Exploitation of Research and Technology Transfer - Workshop Series 2022-2023


Business Exploitation of Research and Technology Transfer - Workshop Series 2022-2023

January 9, 2023

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The Sectoral Scientific Council of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property (SSC TT & IP) of the National Council for Research, Technology and Innovation (NCRTI), the Uni.Fund and the Onassis Foundation are organizing the Workshop Series "Business Exploitation of Research and Technology Transfer", aiming at developing Technology Transfer from Greek Universities and Research Centers to the market. The workshops are co-organized by the Technology Transfer Structures/Networks of AUTH - DUTH, Archimedes, GNOSI, Science Agora and Speira, under the auspices of the Ministry of Development and Investments.

The workshops are organized during the period of December 2022 - April 2023 and provide guidance on issues related to the management of intellectual property, the drafting of new Technology Transfer Regulations, performance indicators (KPIs), the sustainability of structures and funding, among other topics.

The program of the series of events is as follows:

  • Workshop #1: December 8, 2022

Who Has the Responsibility of Managing Intellectual Property

  • Workshop #2: January 26, 2023

Technology Transfer Regulations and the Role of Technology Transfer Offices

  • Workshop #3: February 16, 2023

Sustainability of Structures and KPIs

  • Workshop #4: April 7, 2023

Funding Structures / The Business Model of a TTO

*A new update will follow regarding the exact time and location, as well as registration details. 

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